Thursday, September 22, 2011

Win, win, win!

It's the closing plenary for the EGI Technical Forum 2011 already, so that must mean that it's time to hand out some prizes.

After some very active voting at this year's event the prize for best demo is awarded to:

LINGA The Linked Neuroscientific Grand Challenge by David Manset et al from Maat France. If you missed it at the event, you can view it at

For posters, the standard was particularly high, so we have awarded a runner up and a winner this year.

The runner up prize goes to "Virtualisation of bioinformatics applications on StratusLab", by C Blanchet et al, from CNRS.

The prize for best poster goes to "A portal for an easy access to the IGI grid infrastructure", by M Bencivenni & D Michelotto, INFN

Congratulations to all our winner and see you in Munich for the EGI Community Forum, 26-30 March in Munich!

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