Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2nd Citizen CyberScience Summit kicks off tomorrow!

For the rest of the week, GridCast will be blogging from the Second Citizen Cyberscience Summit. 

The three-day event brings together volunteers and scientists from a wide range of Web-based science projects, ranging from volunteer computing (SETI@home, to volunteer thinking (GalaxyZoo, Herbaria@home) to volunteer sensing (EpiCollect, NoiseTube) and much more. Above all it was a chance for some of the millions of volunteers who make citizen cyberscience so successful to tell their story.

The Second London Citizen Cyberscience Summit promises to be just as pioneering in its scope, and even more innovative in its format! The full programme is available on the CCC website,

If you are at the event, we'd love to here your thoughts on the different projects. If you are interested in blogging for us please email us at

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