Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Small groups get things done

As an administrator who has been officially involved in Grid computing for only 2 months, I had no idea how big or organised Grid computing teams are around the world.

Our team in Melbourne, Australia consists of 3 full time administrators. Coming from the world of University IT support, this is comparatively small: groups I used to work with numbered 10 or 20, and did less work than what I have been exposed to in my short time in Grid.

I attended the Belle II grid sites meeting in Garching, Germany last night. The speakers explained how their budgets might be large, but they have very few administrators employed - most of the budget goes to hardware. But they all explained how even though they are working non-stop to keep their Grid site up and accessible, it would no problem to add the Belle VO to their setup, and help get the Belle II computing project working. I applaud their commitment to research.

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