Monday, March 26, 2012

Trains, planes and distributed architectures

Out of the mist rises EGI Community Forum 2012, my first chance to meet colleagues in our geographically-distributed (and therefore pan-European) team, as well as many of the great and good of the worldwide distributed computing community. One thing that didn’t rise out of the mist this morning however was my flight to Munich, which was cancelled. Cue a sightseeing tour across central London in the airline’s complimentary taxi, ready for a flight three hours…then four hours…and more…later than my scheduled flight. Not to worry…it’s done little to diminish my excitement at the opportunity to hear what’s going on in grid and other distributed technologies over the next five (well, four-and-a-bit now) days. What’s in the diary? Well, it’s extremely hard to choose, a bit like a music festival that features several of your favourite bands on at the same time. Expect to see me flitting around trying to catch people for video, blogging of course, and tweeting @e_scitalk. A busy schedule indeed!

Hopefully I’ll be able to augment the daytime schedule with some assiduous fact-finding and fruitful conversations about some of the big stories and developing technologies in the evening. Did I mention I have a penchant for strong ales? Not too many, of course – I’m keen on catching as much as I can in the sessions. Currently I’m writing this while up in the air, and will post as soon as I get wifi access (currently about four hours after I should have got here!). Hope to bump into you over the next few days. And if you’d like to blog for us, let us know via twitter or comments on the blog.

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