Monday, May 14, 2012

@EMI all hands meeting: EMI 2 is almost ready!

We are just back from three days spent at DESY, Hamburg, where the periodic EMI all hands meeting has been held. The meeting has been very productive, many interesting subjects have been presented and the workshop’s organization from the DESY team was excellent as usual.
The window on middleware evolution has been opened with an overview of the upcoming EMI release, with an assessment of latest steps needed to achieve this milestone.  EMI was proud to announce the forthcoming availability of the EMI 2 release, codename: Matterhorn, adopted from the name of one of the world's most famous mountains on the border between Switzerland and Italy which rises 4478 meters. The name choice follows the story started last year, with the 3 step plan of software releases: ‘EMI 1’ (codename: Kebnekaise), ‘EMI 2’ (codename: Matterhorn), and ‘EMI 3’ (codename: Monte Bianco).
In their presentations, the EMI working groups focused on the last steps needed for achieving the new release, highlighting the final touches: web page details, documentations, etc. The talks showed how EMI 2 is now very close to completion.
Matterhorn was not the only discussed topic. The next EMI release, Monte Bianco, already appears on the horizon. The roadmap, milestones, and toolbox have been discussed by the workshop’s attendees, as well as the advance status of its most important features,  looking forward its clear we will see another year of intense work and achievements from the middleware front.   

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