Monday, May 21, 2012

Bringing Europe's e-infrastructures to a younger audience

e-ScienceTalk is excited about our newest collaboration with a new project that aims to introduce e infrastructures to educators and pupils across Europe. GLOBAL excursion (Extended Curriculum for Science Infrastructure Online) a European Commission project, which will allow pupils between 14-18 years of age to access learning materials and experimental laboratories to use distributed computing tools.

Through the GLOBAL Virtual Science Hub – “ViSH”, the project will provide scientists, policy makers, pupils and their teachers a package of activities, materials and tools for enabling the integration of e-infrastructures into school curricula. The project started in April 2012, and will focus on a number of important themes such as nano- and biotechnologies, as well as volunteer computing and life sciences.

Barbara Kieslinger, who is coordinating the project, talked to GridCast about the motivations behind developing the project:

Why are projects such as GLOBALExcursion so vital for science educators and pupils?
"Recent European reports have raised great concerns about the decreasing interest in science, especially natural sciences amongst the younger generation. Projects such as GLOBAL Excursion are an important in motivating and engaging young people in exploring science in new and joyful ways. Innovative tools such as ViSH will allow pupils to experience challenging and authentic learning situations. By connecting directly to scientists, their infrastructures and resources, pupils gain insights into how real scientific work takes place and can interact in a much more direct way with people, tools and data."

The GLOBAL excursion team on a lab excursion

Call for teachers
Over the next month, GLOBAL excursion is looking for dynamic, motivated and creative teachers to help  test, further develop and promote the ViSH tool. If you are an educator and are interested in helping the project, you can find out more on the project's website:

iSGTW covered GLOBAL Excursion in a recent 'Spotlight':

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