Wednesday, May 23, 2012

HealthGrid 2012 & IWSG-Life

ISBN 978-1-61499-054-3 (online)
The 10th HealthGrid conference started this week in Amsterdam at the AMC. The conference is held in conjunction with the 4th International Workshop on Science Gateways for LifeSciences (IWSG-Life) that will start this afternoon.

Tutorial sessions on Monday
HealthGrid2012 started Monday with two tutorial sessions. I missed a part of Tom Visser’s interesting session about Academic HPC cloud computing but managed to fully attend the second session on Grid Portal development focused on Biomedical Image and Signal Processing of Jie Wu, René Siewert and Dagmar Krefting from the Charite University Hospital and University for Applied Sciences.

Grid portal development with Liferay workflow
During the tutorial sessions, everyone was very concentrated.

Not all participants had completed their homework (we should have performed the preparatory steps before the conference) but the Berlin crew was very helpful and willing to give us a second change.

I stopped with the DIY exercise Monday evening, halfway the second manual, not because the information was insufficient or unclear (in contrary) but just to get some sleep.

DIY – how to build Liferay portlets
If you could not attend the tutorial session but are still interested in building your own Liferay portlets for the grid, here is the information.

1.     The first step is a preparatory step: you should install Eclipse, Liferay (bundled with Tomcat) and Cog jGlobus libraries at your local machine. This is very good described in the preparation manual. It takes about one hour.
2.     The second step deals with the configuration and setup of an example: this is also very clearly described in the tutorial handout. Average time is estimated about two hours.

After following the two manuals of Jie Wu, René Siewert and Dagmar Krefting you should be able to take the next step in building your own system.

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