Thursday, June 28, 2012

First Roundtable on Sustainability of Latin America Grid Services

At the end of the first day of the GISELA-CHAIN Conference was carried out a roundtable on sustainability of the Grid services and Grid infrastructure in Latin America. Representatives from differents institutions of Europe and Latin America participated.

From left to right: Salma Jalife (CUDI -Mexico), Luis Núñez (RedCLARA), Luis Furlan (RAGIE - Guatemala), Rafael Ibarra (RAICES - El Salvador)

The main topic treated was about viable mechanisms and alternatives to support the services and the platform. Define clearly the specific services to be supported was another important point discussed. In this regard, participants agreed that one of the most important contribution of the GISELA project is the Science Gateway Portal, a web interface for the applications installed in the Grid. This service must have a high priority to be supported after GISELA. Others important services are:
maintenance of the infrastructure, integration of new application into the Science Wateway portal and disemination.

In this sense, some numbers of the needed staff have arisen. Measured in person per month (PM), the following requirements have been pointed out: 2PM for the operation of the platform, 1.5PM for the support to users and 0.3PM for the Resource Centres operation.

Representatives from several NRENs (CUDI, CEDIA) have made an informal offer to contribute with some resources to cover these necessities.

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