Thursday, June 28, 2012

Flavors and Colors in GISELA-CHAIN Conference

Mole Rojo, Mexican Rice, Rajitas, Tortillas, Bean's Pot... fantastic colors and flavors of Mexican Food
Users of e-infrastructures are diverse, from biology scientists to social networks. And diversity is also the common denominator of the delicious Mexican food offered by local organizers to GISELA-CHAIN Conference participants.

Today, starting with worldwide structural biology community, passing for climatology researchers, seismic scientists and more..., Mexican rice, potatoes in sauce, "Rajitas" (some vegetables and peepers cut in slices with sauce),  Red "Mole" (really, there are not a good translation about it), "Frijoles de la Olla" (Bean's Pot), "Tortillas"..., and of course, the world famous Mexican hot chili peeper.

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