Thursday, July 5, 2012

GISELA Latin American Institutions Contributed to it! (Higgs boson)

The CERN Director General has announced this morning (see below) the first observation of a particle consistent with the Higgs boson. The news is transforming to a snow ball being rolling all around the world in the TV and radio flashes.

The GISELA Community is particularly excited by the information. Indeed several Latin American Institutions, members of GISELA, such as UFRJ, UNAM, ULA, etc. are using its e-Infrastructure, in the framework of the Computing model of the LHC experiments in which they participate. The figure below shows the use of the GISELA e-Infrastructure by these institutions, for their various computing tasks such as simulation of physics processes, detector data processing and physics analysis. One should emphasize that Grid e-Infrastructures is a must for High Energy Physics experiments which could not otherwise deal with the sophisticated, CPU-consuming treatment of the data provided by their particle detectors. Hence it is really wonderful to observe, on a sensational case, the actual discovery power of Grid e-Infrastructures.

We take out of the event that Latin America made the right choice when investing, since more than 6 years in Grid e-Infrastructures, through the EC co-funded projects EELA (, EELA-2 ( and GISELA ( Finally we take the opportunity to underline the urgency to have the Latin American e-Infrastructure operation and its User support consolidated in the long term, to sustain e-Science over the continent, beyond its current outstanding outcomes.

Read the CERN Press Realease!

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