Friday, November 16, 2012

Many visitors at SC’12 for EMI

During all the SC’12, the EMI booth has received a lot of visitors, from students to professors, developers to managers, or simply gadget scavengers to exchange ideas on different middleware solutions or software.
All the EMI services and technologies presented in the booth were in line with the technical perspective of SC’12. In particular, they have shown the continuation of supercomputing trends over the last year.
New and more sophisticated CPU solutions have been released, in particular GPUs are getting more share in the HPC business. It is becoming rare to find pure CPU systems in the Top500, hybrid CPU and GPU systems are taking over the lead.
Energy efficiency and low energy consumption has been also an important matter under discussion: only a year ago cooling systems were conceived mostly to bring cooling liquids to the racks and exchange heat, this year cooling mechanisms are entirely embodied in the machines, leading to a more powerful cooling.
On the storage side, SSD's are gaining more space for performance, and for energy efficiency reasons, as they consume definitely less energy than classic disk drives.
In summary, thanks to all these technological innovations, the computation performance of the most powerful supercomputer has grown by 70%, while the energy consumption has fallen, yielding a 36% energy saving.

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