Thursday, November 15, 2012

Meet EMI among the brightest HPC minds at SC’12

EMI, the European Middleware Initiative, is proud to be part of some 366 companies, organizations and project at SC'12, the International Conference for High Performance Computing (HPC), Network, Storage and Analysis in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA (
SC’12 attracts exclusive groups of HPC and Networking scientists, managers, and industrialists. It is at the forefront in gathering the best and brightest minds in supercomputing together with EMI unparalleled technical papers, tutorials, posters and speakers. EMI is showcasing its latest software release EMI 2 Matterhorn ( and ScienceSoft ( to at least 8000 participants from the Industry and Academia.
Sometime ago, EMI started to investigate the creation of an open source software community in order to establish the right conditions for continuing the support for its products (mainly used by scientific communities) beyond the project lifetime. Precisely as a result of this inquiry, at the beginning of this year, EMI announced the birth of ScienceSoft, an EMI-led initiative to study the feasibility of establishing an open source community dedicated to software and services for scientific applications. ScienceSoft is targeted at all types of software developed or used in the context of scientific research. Applications, tools, middleware, testsuites, software engineering services can all be registered within the ScienceSoft community.
With all the showcases at SC’12, EMI is extending USA exposure confirming once again its role as the main technology provider for the largest distributed computing infrastructure in Europe. During its life, EMI has indeed become one of the reference points where most of the European computing experts can depend on for day-to-day work within their respective collaborations. 

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