Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Latin America Collage in High Performance and Large Scale Computing

Speakers and Contributions in CLCAR 2013
CLCAR 2013 in San José Costa Rica, shown an interesting "collage" of the High Performance and Large Scale Computing activity in the continent. Diversity of users, important scientific contributions and one thing in common: collaboration.

Collaboration among all scientific and academic institutions allows to develop new ideas and proposals. More and more the interaction Europe-LatinAmerica and North America-LatinAmerica is open. 

Some of the contributions in this version of CLCAR are addressed to global interests and to resolve some technical problems and open questions in related areas. In Costa Rica, this year, inspired by the most green country in the continent, Bioinformatics and biodiversity are the common subjects in the most part of the projects.

On the other hand, researchers and HPC Latin American community have meet supported by RedCLARA and some european institutions as CETA CIEMAT and Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) to continue with the development of the Advanced Computing Service for Latin America and Caribbean, SCALAC (from spanish/portuguese acronym). This important meeting is the second face to face journey to address a large scale -advanced computing facility today, with the experience of the past projects EELA, EELA-2 and GISELA.

CLCAR 2013 continues until tomorrow. GridCast and ISGTW are from 2007 media partners of this important activity in Latin America.