Tuesday, August 27, 2013

PURA VIDA from Costa RICA: Starting CLCAR 2013 with Tutorials

CLCAR 2013 in San José Costa Rica
Pura vida is the traditional expression from many "good" thinks in Costa Rica. Acknowledgement, friendship, accordance, happiness... 

This year, the tutorial sessions of CLCAR 2013 began CLCAR with many "good topics": exploiting GPGPU architectures with OpenCL and CUDA, the BioCLCAR tutorial in HPC for biosciences and BONIC with LEGION tutorial. 

Attendees of CLCAR 2013 Tutorials 
Students and instructors from different countries of Latin America, joined to share knowledge in technologies, methodologies and collaboration experiences.  Starting from beginners students in large scale architectures to finish there are some minutes with a scratch level in HPC opportunities.

Tomorrow the version 2013 of CLCAR continues with the second day of the BioCLCAR tutorial and other specific subjects related with the exploitation of large scale architectures, e-science and collaboration. From 2007, the CLCAR is the "Conference" of high performance and scientific computing science of America Laitina.

The first day of CLCAR was a "PURA VIDA" day around collaboration, friendship and e-science".

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