Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's 2 AM...

... do you know where your Sun Grid Engine nodes are?

How many times a question like this arose at your SA1 site? How many times you, as an user, needed a certain version of a certain application to be installed in the Working Node?

If the answer is "more than once" you should then check Tino Vázquez's talk this afternoon at 16:00, during the User Interaction and Workflows Session. There, you'll learn the many important benefits of using the OpenNEbula engine in your working environment, such as cluster consolidation, high availability, support for planned maintenance and changing capacity availability, performance partitioning, protection against malicious use of resources… Regarding user interaction, its main benefit is the support for heterogeneous workloads with multiple (even conflicting) software requirements, allowing the execution of software with strict requirements as jobs that will only run with a specific version of a library or legacy application execution.

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