Monday, March 15, 2010

OGF 28 Day 1

Due to snow my flight spent about 45 minutes in holding pattern before landing at Munich Airport so I was not able to make it to any of the first set of sessions. After dropping off my luggage, I was able to register in time for a cup of coffee and the National Cloud Initiative Roadmap.

This OGF has about 250 attendees. After the opening and keynote talk,the incoming and outgoing OGF board members were acknowledged by the OGF President and CEO Dr. Craig Lee.

Unfortunately the Firewall Virtualization session was unfortunately cancelled because the session chair was not present. Thijs Metsch from Sun^h^h^hOracle gave me a brief summary of what Firewall Virtualization is about. Basically the idea is to reduce the work of system administrators by allowing firewalls to be dynamically configured as needed for example to allow protocols like gridftp to traverse the network. The group charter can be found here.

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