Thursday, January 27, 2011

Visualization Techniques

It’s Thursday morning in Cyprus, and the students are having their last 9:00 lecture at the 2011 PRACE winter school. The lecture, given by Dr. Favre, is entitled “Visualization Techniques” and is basically a training course on the open-source visualization application “Visit”.

The tutorial started with the very basics, such as loading data onto Visit, and quickly escalated to advanced topics such as making data queries, writing python scripts for batch oriented data analysis, image capture and movie making.

The course is very well delivered as Dr. Favre (who is obviously experienced in giving these kind of lectures) blend his lecture with the hands-on session in such a way that the students can naturally and easily follow and implement the examples presented to them. Some good questions are also being asked, indicating the interest of the students, as well as their ability to understand the concepts being taught.

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